How To Decorate Paris Themed Sugar Cookies!

How To Decorate Paris Themed Sugar Cookies!

Things you will need for these cookies:

Round Sugar cookies (around 3.5 inches in diameter) from my sugar cookie recipe

The day before you start, make the rosettes with the dark pink stiff consistency icing. Let overnight, then peel them off. Store extra’s in an airtight container for a couple of years!

To see a tutorial on how to do the rosettes or swirls, check out the video just below by Emma’s sweets!! She has a great cookie decorating shop and an amazing youtube channel!

Outline the cookie with the light pink piping consistency royal icing. Then use the flood consistency to fill the cookie.

Let the cookies dry for several hours, then do the gold splatter. Let dry for about 1 hour, then you can start drawing the image, putting on the rosettes and leaves, and piping the little heart at the bottom.

Happy decorating!

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