Pink Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

Pink Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

For this simple project, I used the chocolate/fondant roses/jewelry from the pink chocolate covered Oreos I made and used them as decoration here as well. I bought the pretzel rods from bulk barn, but they did not have the long ones. So I got the short ones, then went and bought the long and slender plain breadsticks for dipping as well, and it worked really well!

For the rods, same idea as the cake pops and the chocolate covered Oreos, I microwaved pink candy melts for 20 second intervals until smooth. When there are little bits that are not melted yet, try stirring until melted instead of microwaving more. The residual heat will melt the little pieces at the end that aren’t melted yet. Otherwise you run the risk of burning them, and you won’t be able to dip because the mixture will seize and be ruined.

If your candy melts are smooth but too thick to dip into, you can add some melted coconut oil, or a neutral oil a little at a time until the mixture becomes looser, so the excess can drip off better.

You will need to melt white candy melts and place in a squeeze bottle or piping bag to drizzle on the rods after they have been dipped and set, then adhere the sprinkles and rest of decorations on. Enjoy!

Short Pretzel Rods

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