Pink Chocolate Covered Oreos

Pink Chocolate Covered Oreos

I made these for my daughters sweet sixteen party as a part of a pink dessert table. They were so fun to make. You will need a cookie mold shown in the video, or you can try using a muffin tin. I have not tried it that way, but I think it would work.

You of course need some yummy Oreos, pink and white candy melts, rose and jewelry fondant mold, edible pearls, gold sprinkles, white sanding sugar and edible gold lustre dust. For the jewels and roses, you can use either or fondant or melted candy melts, they both work well. Fondant is easier to paint on, but you can paint the chocolate as well.

When pouring the chocolate over the oreo, make sure to only fill almost to the top, not too much.

I put the melted white candy melts in a squeeze bottle to drizzle over the Oreos when they were ready. Immediately, I put on all the decorations. Candy melts set up so quickly. Enjoy!

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