Rosette Cake

Rosette Cake

This is a 9×13 inch 2 layer cake that I made for a 60th birthday party! To make the rosettes all over the cake, I used wilton tip 1M, my favorite tip! For the leaves, I used wilton tip 352. I had different sized sugar pearls, so I put one in the middle of each rosette. Too much? I was over excited haha 🙂

For the buttercream recipe, I made Jennifer Shea’s recipe from Cupcake trophy. The only thing I did differently was add 3 tbsp of heavy cream at the end while it was whipping. I had bought a craftsy class of hers and the recipe came with it. So I looked for someone who had done the recipe and put it up on their blog. What I love about it is that it’s not overly sweet, and it’s so light, because of how long you whip it. It’s delicious! So here’s the recipe-

For the amazing, and I mean to die for chocolate filling/frosting, I used Hot Chocolate Hits recipe here-

For the chocolate cake recipe, I used Yolanda Gaamp’s ultimate chocolate cake recipe! Sooooo delicious!

If you go to that link, she gives all the pan sizes, pounds of cake batter, different amounts for different pans, etc. It’s so great!

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