Baby Girl Onesie Cookies

Baby Girl Onesie Cookies

I made these cookies for a pregnant co-worker. They are simple, not too much detail. I have the sugar cookie recipe for these on the website. I used my royal icing recipe, coloured the icing 2 different shades of pink, and left some white. I used wilton tip numbers 13 or 14, 2 and 3. There are endless options in decorating these cookies! There aren’t too many colours in this case, so it took less time. Simple, but still cute!

Make sure that the pink icing is still wet when you pipe the white dots and lines. Then let cookies dry completely (preferably overnight) to do the other decorations like the rosettes! If you don’t have a needle tool, you can easily use a toothpick to spread the icing nice and smooth and evenly. To make the hearts, simply pipe white dots and pull the toothpick downwards through the white dot. Happy decorating!

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