Simple Sprinkle Cake Pops!

Simple Sprinkle Cake Pops!

Over time, when making cakes, ganache or icing, I always have some leftovers. I don’t throw them out. I freeze cake scraps, trimmings etc, as well as any type of buttercream and ganache. In my freezer, I had around 4 cups of leftover chocolate cake, and some ganache. It was my niece’s birthday, and although there was already a cake, I wanted to give each child a cake pop for themselves, cause they are so fun! Who wouldn’t like getting a decadent cute chocolate cake pop dipped and covered with all kinds of sprinkles? Well, here’s a bit of the process of the assorted sprinkle cake pops. I put the cake scraps in a bowl, and added just 2-3 tablespoons of ganache and mixed it in, just until the mixture could hold together and you can roll a ball without the mixture crumbling, but not too much, or they would be almost too heavy or “greasy”.

Here is how much ganache I took out of the container. I took this picture a bit late, as I had already started rolling the balls. But you can see how much ganache I took.

I usually use a little bit of a bigger scoop to make cake pops, but I thought mini ones would be so cute, and make more. So I used this one this time. 2 scoops for each cake ball.

When I melt candy melts, sometimes it’s too thick to dip the cake pops in, and then they tend to fall off the stick and all kinds of other disasters happen. So I melt some coconut oil in a measuring cup, so that I can pour in a few drops in the candy melt mixture, until it’s runny enough, or becomes “dippable”. But I’ve also had it become too thin, in which case the chocolate just runs off the cake pop, and you can actually see the cake through the coating, which you don’t want either.

I have to set up everything before I start, or else, it’s a disaster waiting to happen….

Here are the three colours I used for my cake pops. I also melted a dark chocolate, which is not in the picture. When using regular chocolate versus candy melts, the regular chocolate takes much longer to set.

I make sure to dip the sticks into the candy melts before I insert them in the cake pop. It firms it up so that it doesn’t fall off while dipping.

I let the excess drip off as much as possible with light taps, then turn it upward, giving a couple of more taps, so the chocolate can settle smooth, then I quickly put the sprinkles on.

So cute……………but soooo messy 🙂


I let them dry on this cardboard cake pop stand I got from bulk barn.


Aaaannnd their done! I couldn’t wait to give them to the kids! Sprinkles make everything better:)

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