Pac Man Party!

Pac Man Party!

Remember the 1980’s? Pac man video games? My son turned 6, and he wanted a pac man theme for his birthday party….I mean the old pac man video game screen, with the colored ghosts and pellets and all! We had a bunch of old video games that we bought about 12 years ago. An old time kit with lots of the old games. That’s where he became pac man obsessed! So here’s what I did! These pictures are a mixture from 2 parties. I did one for my family, and one for his little friends!

The pac man cake is covered in black fondant, the lines piped icing, the border is made with chocolate balls, and the ghosts are made with fondant as well. I also made googly eyes with fondant….(very tedious, I will probably buy them next time..:) They were used for the ghosts, and the marshmallow ghosts shown below!


These are marshmallows dipped into candy melts. I just had white candy melts, so I went and bought the oil based coloring and colored my candy melts. I saw the idea on

Then there are the cupcakes! I made whipped cream and colored it blue and piped it on. Next time, I’ll use buttercream, cause the fondant ghosts just melted into the whipped cream icing after a little while….so that didn’t go to well:) I learn from my mistakes!

Now for the gingerbread cookies….we love gingerbread even when it’s not Christmas…They are iced in royal icing. I didn’t have any pac man cookie cutters, so I just printed out a template and cut around that.

Pac Man Table!!

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